A true Friendship is One With Benefits

5 Sep 2018 - 11:30

Friends With Benefits is a term we are surely all familiar with, but for those that aren't what exactly does it mean? Essentially it's an agreement between two people (friends or strangers upon initially meeting) in which they agree to no strings attached sex - a relationship without the pressure of a relationship and all the boundaries that possibly come with it.

This concept has become increasingly better known over the years and has worked its way into our culture so much that even Hollywood made a movie about it. So the question on everyone's lips is - how do you find a friends with benefits? Well, there are sites specifically created for such desires, such as friendswithbenefits.com.au. The benefit of sites like this compared to obtaining a FWB situation organically is that it removes any awkward conversations with your partner about what your situation exactly is. They themselves are members of an adult dating site and their intentions regarding relationship wants and needs are stated from the beginning (probably in their profile).

Friendswithbenefits.com.au is a casual dating site that covers all over Australia and allows you to search for someone near to your area that you can interact with. The level of interaction is obviously down to you; whether you're on there just for flirtatious messaging or if you want to go all out and arrange a meet up. It's important to remember that when you're on casual dating sites that you're in control of the level of intimacy you involve yourself in. Like any new 'relationship' take a little time to get to know someone before you jump right in and meet them. Once you have found the ideal candidate then you have successfully obtained a fuckbuddy, congratulations!

So if you are curious then why not try friendswithbenefits.com.au? It's free to join as a basic member and free to search for your ideal FWB.