Top 5 Deal breakers for Women Looking to Hookup

10 Jun 2020 - 13:27 | Tags: hookup

Online dating has never been more popular than it is right now and even dating apps have seen a decline in subscribers, the general dating websites seem to be booming as more and more people decide that simply "swiping right" isn't enough to land you those perfect friends with benefits.

The amount of time that people spend on dating sites searching the right hook up has increased as people become more in-tune with what they want, whether that be someone who likes it on top, lights off, no cuddling or someone else who likes a bigger built partner, interested in role play as well as all levels of intimacy.

These days, people are searching more in-depth for their perfect sex partner, they are messaging more and having more meaningful and kinkier conversations!

Therefore, during a time when people have become far more particular about who they choose to flirt with we have spoken with a number of women who have highlighted what turns them-off and what is an all-round dealbreaker.

1. Leave the Ex out of it. When trying to hook up with someone no one gets turned on by hearing about another persons ex. Saying things like "I'm looking to hook up online because my ex never put out" is not going to win you any points.

2. Don't play games. Don't start ghosting your friends with benefits, instead just be honest from the get go if are only interested in a one night stand over a regular booty call.

3. Don't be a dick. If you don't like how someone looks or what they're into then move on, There is no need to thrust your opinions on others and give yourself a bad reputation within the casual fun community.

4. Don't try so hard. You do you and don't try to be what someone wants you to be to get them into bed because the best sex happens when you hookup with someone who has similar interests. Into Marvel films? Well, why not hookup with someone who likes to dress up like Black Widow in the bedroom!

5. Refrain from using dick pics. When someone is initially looking for a hook up they are looking to find someone attractive and you can't find that someone just by looking at their genitals. Would you hook up with a girl just from seeing what her vagina looks like?