Texting your friend with benefits the next day

31 Oct 2022 - 00:02 | Tags: texting, when to text after sex

Having a friend with benefits is the best. It is all the joy and happiness that comes from having sex without any of the stress, pressure or complications from being in a traditional relationship. The focus tends to stay on the physical side of things because of this, which in turns means that the sex tends to be of a higher quality than regular dating. If the sex isn’t good, people tend to pull out (as it were!) which means that both parties are motivated to ensure that the sex remains good.

When you do have sex with your friend with benefits for the first time, there is a question of whether or not you want to have sex with them again. Sometimes, for some people, they do it once and then they realise it does not feel right with that person. When this happens, it is important to acknowledge and recognise the truth that you feel. Being respectful to yourself is very important, especially when it comes to physical relationships. However, if you do decide that you want to see them again, you may be wondering what to do to make that happen? The first thing is you are going to need to text them. You want to be bold with this. If you are unsure of how to do this, take a look below to some of our suggestions and feel free to cut and paste!

“I had fun last night. Meet again?”

This is a nice direct but no-pressure message. It is letting the other person know that you enjoyed yourself and valued your time together. Using the word “fun” has none of the difficult meanings that come with the word “love” or other language that you might accidentally use. It just means it was “fun” and nothing more. Saying you want to meet again gets straight to the point and lets them know where they stand, giving the comfort that they may need in order to be able to say yes.

“I meant to ask, where’d you learn to do that?”

This is a great way to make them feel confident in their sexual ability. It plays to the ego and quells any insecurities about performance… putting them in a better position to be able to then say yes to doing it again. We all want to be good in bed, we are much more likely to have sex again with the person who thinks we are good in bed than the person who does not, so this is a really good one with a high conversion!

So try one of those and good luck!