Rise of the Polymory Relationship in 2019

7 May 2019 - 15:29

Relationships with multiple partners has practised for centuries. It wasn’t just the Romans and Greeks who were famed for their orgies!

North America, Europe, Africa, Asia have all been practising this sexual act for just as long and everyone adding their own different twist.

For a long while that extra partner/partners has been seen as taboo. A dirty weekend away. Something you do to spice up a marriage.

But only now has there been an ever increasing acceptance of this ‘alternative’ relationship dynamic. Kinks were thrust into the public consciousness after the success of 50 Shades. An overnight success that stirred the loins of many repressed woman. It was the spark that lit the sexual awakening fire in their loins.

Once the light was shed on this and everyone was stocking up their secret drawer with blindfolds and fluffy handcuffs; there had to be the next naughty secret somewhere else.
That next secret to be unearthed is the sometimes complex but potentially more satisfying idea of a Polymory relationship.

2019 will be the pivotal year where people will embrace using multiple partners for sex and companionship. Willing to share the mind, body and soul without the constraints of monogamy and “labels” of boyfriend and girlfriend making things very messy.

For many people, "partner" doesn't need to be that singular person. Polyamory, can involve any number of people, from all walks of life. The spark that intensifies over time can be shared between many. Sometimes all having sex with each other.

It may be more common than you think!

It might not be fully approved by society just yet...but nothing fun is at first! Start the revolution now and find your friends with benefits, your f-buddy, booty call whatever they are to you and share that love with multiple partners.