How does a casual relationship stay casual?

6 Oct 2020 - 15:01

Once you're in FWB mode, you don't need to worry about coming across as too keen or worrying about whether you ought to call them or wait for them to call you. You know that person is on the end of the phone, ready for a hook-up.

Having a friend with benefits is an easy way to ensure uncomplicated sex and can be the perfect set up, done right. There are a lot of people out there looking for exactly just that - fun without commitment, but there are some things you should consider to ensure it stays fun and carefree.

You don't need to meet their family or friends if you don’t want to. Your relationship is based on sex so why complicate things by integrating someone into your life that isn’t going to be around long term.

You don't even need to call them if you don't want to. There are times in your life when a relationship isn't what you want - perhaps you want to focus on your career, or you know you're going to be travelling for a while, or you just want to be single. Keep conversations light and to arrange hook-ups only. Don’t encourage pillow talk.

Don’t stay the night. After a hot, steamy session, you may want to get some shut eye but staying the night can lead to a big spoon, little spoon scenario. Before you know it, they’ve bought you a spare toothbrush and are offering you a key. Keep it clean, fuck and go.

There is nothing to stop you looking for a long-term lover while you're enjoying sex with your FWB and its this aspect that makes it seem an attractive option to women in-between relationships. Have all the naughty sex you like but make it crystal clear that this is all it is to prevent things from becoming complicated.

The serious emotions (and expectations) don’t come into play with a casual fling. If emotions come into play, you need to think about your next steps. Don’t become a friend to listen to their woes. This is sex and only sex.

Sharing commitment-free intimacy with someone you trust is liberating. Keep it relaxed and fun and it is the ideal way to satisfy your needs without the stresses of a relationship. Set up clear boundaries and it’s easy. When you find the right person and manage them the right way, a FWB relationship can be just the boost you need.