Finding a friends with benefits relationship in Australia right now

31 Dec 2022 - 09:16
2 friends with benefits on a beach

If you have decided that you want to be having more sex than you are currently having, forming a friends with benefits relationship is the way to do it. The relationship's purpose is the sex, so this means that you will never be without. They are usually with no strings attached so there is no issue with having to court or spend money and time. It comes with none of the complications of requirements of having to meet people’s parents or family members… and generally, the sex is really good. Why is it good? The focus on the relationship is the sex, which means you can have frank and open conversations about it which leads to a high quality experience for both parties. Having a friend with benefits is the best!

So you have decided you would like to hook up with no strings attached, what now? Well, there are several ways forward. Online is usually the easiest, and this is why this website exists, to help and assist you with that. So a good starting point is right in front of you.

It is also worth looking at the opportunities that exist as well. This is environmentally driven and change from time to time. Your own situation I cannot comment on, but I can comment that summer is here and all the hotties are out in force! Summer means that people generally wear less clothing. Everyone is out on the beach or outdoors generally and they are here to have a good time. Hormones are higher so people are hornier and more driven to wanting to meet someone and have sex. This all makes a fertile ground for you to meet a friends with benefits right now. The main thing you have to do is to take action. Doing nothing with result in nothing. Any action is good action, so do something whilst you can!

It can be a bit of a numbers game, but also it can happen fast. Whilst you might need to meet a number of potentials before you find someone compatible, you only need to meet one and for that to work for you to have reached your goal! Remember also, you might find that get to sleep with people on the way. One night stands are more acceptable in the adult dating world than the standard one.

So if you are looking for someone, now is the time!