Fantasies and Dating

23 Nov 2018 - 13:03

Fantasies have always been apparent in relationships, whether they are discussed and acted out or hidden away out of site, they have always been there but I thought it would be a good idea to discuss sharing them and also some Christmas related ones.
When to bring up your fantasies to your partner?

This really depends on the relationship and the level of interaction you have with one another. If the relationship is one fuelled on sex then clearly bringing up each other’s fantasies is a normal occurrence and if you’re compatible and open sexually then there shouldn’t be much embarrassment of pushback from your partner. It’s always easier to put your cards on the table at the start like you would do meeting on an adult dating site, that’s what your profile is for. If you make your interests visible from the start, especially if they’re important to you and your sexual encounters, then you won’t have to go through a potential embarrassing conversation nor will you be wasting your time with someone who might end up not partaking in your fantasies. Again it all depends on how important living out these fantasies are to you. On a sex dating site you should always put this information in your portfolio, as it will not only make your profile more interesting to read, but also attract someone who likes the same thing or will enjoy living this out for you.

So let’s discuss some fantasies that are well known amongst us.
Dressing up is a big one as there are various costumes that are linked with fantasies. For men a notorious example is a naughty nurse and for women something involving law enforcement seems to be a popular choice. As fantasies go this one is relatively tame and can easily be included to satisfy one another and whether you’re in a long term relationship or in the world of fuckbuddies and friends with benefits, making the bedroom a fun place to be is healthy for your sex life. However there are also other fantasies that are a little more niched and therefore a little more difficult to spring on someone that you’ve been actively sleeping with for a period of time. These are the types you want to either have on your profile or that you include in your messages sent to one another before you meet up. Letting someone on a casual site know before you meeting with them is important, so as not to waste each other’s time. Be upfront and honest and you’ll meet your dream fuckbuddy.
Seeing as we’re approaching Christmas i wish good will to all men and women and hope you all enjoy friends with benefits. Pull a cracker or two.