Dating Apps for Friends with Benefits

11 Aug 2020 - 15:14

Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or any other area of Australia it is increasingly difficult to date casually these days since dating apps became more prevalent.

The issue with dating apps is unlike dating websites there is no depth to the members. You're simply swiping left and right based on their aesthetics when sex is far more than just aesthetics. Sure, you need to be attracted to the person you're hooking up with but surely you want to know a bit more about their kinks, fetishes, favourite position etc right?

Well, that was then, but now hooking up for a root has become even more challenging because a global pandemic has been thrown into the mix. This pandemic has forced many single Australian's to wonder if they will ever have a full and active sex life again!

Well, wonder no more because you certainly can jump back into the sack if you want to!

However, we do advise caution, as when looking for a friend with benefits you should do so with the intention of meeting and getting to know them first, that's right, for the time being you are going to have to date your bang buddy for a couple of weeks before getting physical so you can get a better understanding of the person they are, what they get up to and whether they appear genuine before jumping straight into a casual relationship - however, this can be really fun at the same time!

Teasing is a big part of foreplay, so the idea of holding out on the physical act of sex by instead showing off a bit of skin on a date or sending raunchy selfies and texts is a great way to not only satisfy your urges, but also create a build up for when you finally meet so you can put into action all those "When I see you I am going to do this..." and " I can't wait for us to meet so we can do that" messages.

The teasing will play a big part in the thrill of your casual hookup and that is where a dating site like Friends with Benefits comes in very handy as you can not only check out explicit pictures of a potential hookup from the "get-go" but also read what they have been getting up to via their diary entries while also getting a deeper understanding of what a users desires are through the about me section within their profile.

Much in the same way we are now browsing for clothing more online than ever during the pandemic; we are now turning more towards browsing our booty calls online too, so make sure you do it the right way and try investing more into getting to know someone on a dating site than simply swiping mindlessly through an app.

Trust me... it's worth it!