Connection and sexual energy

25 Aug 2022 - 22:29 | Tags: find local sex, connection
Girl with green eyes

When we look at someone for the first time, within the first 7 seconds (maybe even less!) something occurs and by the end of that briefest of exposures, we either fancy them or we don’t. This can of course change over time. We might not notice someone but over time come to know them better and then a romantic or sexual desire for them can arise. There are exceptions to the 7-second rule… but in the context of finding a fuck buddy, hook up or a friends with benefits, generally that first impression can make a really big difference. If it is there, the immediate interaction afterwards can water and cultivate that feeling or it can kill it. There I no exact science to this that we can give you that works 100% of the time. A lot of it depends on the situation and the person, so you have to read the room and read your audience a little here. However, there is some more general advice about forming connections and cultivating sexual energy that we can give you, and that is what I am going to cover here.

Eye contact

You cannot go wrong by giving and receiving eye contact. There is something primal and powerful about it… even holding eye contact for the very first time for too long can generate tension… and tension is a good thing when trying to create sexual energy. The romantic sexual energy rarely arises in a completely relaxed setting and situation, so a little tension is a good thing. This can easily be done with eye contact. So look the person in the eye, for what feels like too long if needed, and let the tension arise then see where it goes.

Body contact

What is the main difference between a friend and a friends with benefits? The sex. That is it. The giving and receiving of body contact is a major thing, so offering this early can send the right message and help to generate that sexual energy. Start slow, a light touch in the elbow, a hand in the small of the back as you open a door for someone and lead them through it. Escalate from there.

Follow your instincts

Allowing yourself to follow your instincts is important for two reasons. Firstly they are often right, you should listen to them! Secondly it allows you to be led by your desire and that expresses the desire. This can help the sexual energy to flourish!

Good luck!